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October 14, 2016
Borututu: How To Use
October 13, 2017
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Why Use Borututu?

Why should You be interested…?

Well… Borututu, according to reports from the University of Lublin, as per research on preparations from this material, is a herbal supplement that primarily regenerates the liver parenchyma. Not only increases the secretion of liver enzymes, but also regulates the function of the liver at the cellular level. This is what distinguishes it from other herb cholinergic and enzyme preparations. By liver detoxification we achieve better kidney function and the whole body immunization. A detoxified body has generally a increased immunity. Conducted studies on the bark Borututu announce more promising properties of this supplement.

How this is introduced into the body ?

Borututu is generally taken in the form of a tea. Flooded with a tablespoon of bark in a thermos cup of boiling water. Not like other herbs, which use a slightly warmed flood water. Borututu is to be mixed with boiling water and left for 12 hours. Then the extract is drunk. At that time you can set the next portion to use after another 12 hours. The results tend to be extremely good and visible liver improvements are present within a short time.  It is recommended that simple liver tests should be performed by everyone at least once a year to determine the liver condition, regardless of age.