November 2, 2017

About Our Store

Herbalism: the foundation of natural medicine Please, meet Ms. Grazyna Swolken, MD Pharmacist, educated in Poland. At our Herbal Village store she […]
October 13, 2017

Borututu: How To Use

An infusion of the root Borututu improves digestive function of the liver It creates favorable conditions for the proper functioning of the […]
September 25, 2017

Why Use Borututu?

Why should You be interested…? Well… Borututu, according to reports from the University of Lublin, as per research on preparations from this […]
October 14, 2016

Maca: Inka’s Treasure

The Treasure of the Incas – as it is called flour, has had a comprehensive research and occupies a prominent place on […]
September 7, 2016

We Have Moved!

We have moved to a new location! On Friday, September 16th we’ve celebrated a Grand Opening at Starsky 2 store. Print this […]
January 12, 2016

Borututu: The Story

Hidden deep in Africa, tree Borututu (Cochlospermum angolensis) for many decades, was known for its strong cleansing and detoxifying properties. Initially, the […]
January 12, 2016

Borututu Q+A

How this is introduced into the body ? Borututu is drunk in the form of decoction. Use a tablespoon of bark for […]
July 25, 2015

Welcome To Herbal Village

Whom you invite to shop? Everyone? Everyone! Those interested in health and those who want to keep healthy as long as possible […]
September 17, 2011

Video Presentation

Herbalism (also herbology or herbal medicine) is the use of plants for medicinal purposes, and the study of botany for such use. […]